Guide to preventing condensation in your caravan


Condensation can occur at any time, but it is often more of a problem later in the year as the nights become cooler.

Not only can it be unpleasant, but it can also lead to problems like damp and mould throughout the caravan.

So how should you deal with it and prevent it from being a problem if you have a caravan on our park?


Improve the insulation

If your static home does not have good ventilation, you may be tempted to keep it warm by blocking up draughts. However, this can increase the problem of condensation.
Instead, work on keeping the interior warm by investing in insulation and double-glazing windows (if not already fitted).
That way you will have less need to block draughts, and the ventilation will be improved.

Heat your caravan slowly

The way in which you heat your static home can also affect how much it suffers from condensation. It is quite common for people to arrive after being outside and turn up the heating onto a high setting to quickly warm up. This may not be the best option.
A better idea is to keep your heating on a low and consistent heat for longer, as this will help the heat to penetrate into the furniture and cupboards to keep them dry.

Use extractor fans

Extractor fans are often used in the bathroom and kitchen because these are the areas where moisture tends to build up the most. If you do not have fans, you may want to invest in some.
Use your fans when you are cooking in the kitchen or using the shower in the bathroom, and keep them on for a while after you have finished. You may also want to open the windows to increase the ventilation further.


Dry clothes outside

Drying clothes inside your static home can quickly add a lot of moisture to the air. Avoid doing this as much as possible, and keep a window open if you have to dry your clothes inside.

Do not block air vents

Air vents should be clear at all times, so never block them up to keep warm. They allow gases and moisture to leave, and blocking them can be very dangerous and can cause carbon monoxide poisoning – which can be fatal. Improve your heating situation in other ways, such as improving the insulation, but never block the air vents.

Make sure you ventilate properly

The main reason condensation forms is because of a lack of ventilation. To prevent this, make sure you constantly air your static by opening the windows. If the weather is warm enough, you may want to leave the windows slightly open during the night, but always take security seriously and do not leave windows open when you are away from your van.