How to prepare your caravan for the winter..

Nearly time for the hats and scarves!

Nearly time for the hats and scarves!

Things to remember when closing down your caravan

With winter fast approaching there are many things to consider when closing down your holiday home.
We are all wondering if we will have another visit from the “Beast from the East” again and do have your wellies at the ready just in case!


It’s snowing…

Entrance to our park - March 2018

It is important to follow simple steps to ensure that your caravan stays dry, frost free and protected from the winter weather.

To ensure any frost damage your caravan must be drained down with the pipes disconnected, anti freeze put in the toilet bowl and the correct amount of antifreeze in the central heating system with your gas turned off.

  1. Move your furniture into the middle of the room to allow airflow and to prevent mould. Sofa cushions are best kept away from the windows and your mattresses leaning against the wall for the air to circulate around it.

  2. Bowls of salt are useful if placed around the caravan to absorb condensation also newspapers on the floor will help.

  3. Ensure that all your vents are not obstructed.

  4. Dispose of any food that is likely to go out of date over the winter.

  5. Clean your fridge/freezer and wedge the door open. You may want to leave a tea towel at the bottom of the fridge to soak up any excess water there may be.

  6. The cleaner your caravan is when you leave the less likely you will have mould appear for when you open back up.


Don’t forget outside!
Secure all your outside furniture and storage boxes and ensure all your plant pots and any ornaments are safe from for when we get our winter gales because we will get them.

Opening week March 2018

Opening week March 2018


Lock your door, check your windows and make sure all your electric is turned off (silly as it may sound but this can be easily overlooked as people look to get away).

We have a few weeks left until we close for the season and will open again on Saturday 21st March 2020.